Established in 1963 within Guy’s Hospital London as Medical Toxicology and Information Services (Guy’s Poisons Unit).

In 1996 ESMS was set-up as a division within the Poisons Unit to provide medical response and emergency unblinding services specifically for the pharmaceutical industry.

In 2011, ESMS became a private limited company.

The ESMS team of scientists and consultant physicians are available 24 hours a day to respond to medical enquiries regarding trial subjects. So, if the investigator is unavailable, ESMS will answer the emergency enquiry helping you ensure regulatory compliance!

ESMS have worked tirelessly to establish a mechanism that is continuously available and works to exceed regulatory requirements.

  • Emergency medical response services for clinical trials 24 hours a day
  • Medical response services during screening periods to support subject participation
  • Reliable, cost efficient language support in 45 languages

Some of the organisations we work with

ESMS work closely with a wide range of companies, large and small, within the Pharmaceutical and Science sector.

We focus on delivering our reliable, 24/7 robust service and personal approach.

“ESMS has prevented several unnecessary code breaks during the recruitment period.
The team work with you to produce comprehensive SOP’s and their experts are able to direct callers to more information as an alternative to unblinding where possible.”

JILL WOOD , Quality Assurance Manager, Warwick Clinical Trials.