Providing Medical Information services for the pharmaceutical industry since 1996, ESMS Global have a wealth of experience in partnering with companies to provide tailored solutions that enhance their Medical Information delivery.

ESMS Medical Information Services provide the following:

  • Experienced and proficient MI scientists with pharmacy or life sciences degree
  • Capability to deliver MI services in 80+ countries and over 45 languages
  • Flexible models including full service/out of hours; shared/dedicated model; single/multiple products
  • Experience in working from ESMS or client database
  • Robust new starter and ongoing training programmes including classroom training with industry experts
  • Standard and/or complex enquiry handling including literature searching and complex response writing
  • 24/7 inbox monitoring
  • Standard response writing, maintenance and adaptation to local licence
  • Calls recorded and directly accessible to clients
  • Accurate and high-quality pharmacovigilance intake and follow-up

Agile – Able to quickly and easily respond to change, including quickly onboarding new services as well as adapt quickly to significant changes to existing services

Flexible – Bespoke solutions based on your requirements, working with you to achieve the optimal solution for your specific needs

Innovative – Constantly striving to make our services more efficient, client friendly and higher quality

Clinical Focus – Strong relationship with our roots as Guy’s Poisons’ unit and a Medical team of 6 consultant physicians who provide clinical leadership and regular therapy area training, ensuring that we act ethically and with patient safety at the forefront

Robust – Physical office staffed 24/7/365 by Medical Information Scientists who have access to senior scientists at all times.  Robust and regularly tested disaster recovery plan ensuring that we are always available to answer at whatever time an enquiry arrives.